Speaking and Listening

Fotobabble ‘Talking Photos’
Fotobabble is an incredibly useful tool for recording over the top of a digital image. For example, my students will make stories using art programs (play school art maker is a great one for young kids) and then in Fotobabble record a story about what they have created over the top. These can then be saved, played back later, uploaded onto a blog or projected onto a wall or smart board.
Create your image/story…..
Record your story or voiceover…….
Decorate with stickers, drawing and text…..
Then…publish and share!
Sock Puppets
Sock puppets is a wonderful way of encouraging students who may be shy into speaking. I have found in the past that it is the same students who often do ‘Show and Tell’ during class time, while shy students miss out on the opportunity to further develop their public speaking skills. I have found this also with student who speak English as an additional language. This is a fun way for students to record themselves having conversations. The application also allows each speaker’s voice to be changed, taking away the feeling of self consciousness.
Additionally, I use this app to teach turn taking (this can be a tricky one to teach in Prep, with so many little people having so much to say!). Students at a higher level could write scripts, comedies and tell stories. In the past I have also used to as a tool to encourage students to retell and sequence stories after reading. This can be done with e-books or audiobooks, which can then be shared with the class.

 -Students can choose from a range of characters, backgrounds and props.

-Each sock puppet can have a different voice, which you can select and alter.

-Videos are 30 seconds long and can be uploaded onto Facebook/youtube and then onto a class blog.


Puppet Pals




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