Numeracy Apps

Bugs and Buttons – Bugs and Numbers – Bugs and Bubbles

Squeebles ‘Fractions’

Shapes (by Tabtales)

Shapes is a great interactive application that uses song and pictures to help student identify simple two-dimensional shapes. It used puzzles and a great voice over reinforcing appropriate vocabulary to enable students to become more familiar with shapes and their attributes. This is very basic but the interactive element combined with catchy song makes it great to support students who do not know their shapes or those student who have language difficulties, for example EAL students.

Candy Count

This is a great app for covering numerals 1-5. Students are asked to sort the lollies based on their colors. Students start by sorting, then counting the number of lollies in each bag, then identifying which bag holds the most or the least number of items. Students then sort the bags from least to most. The entire process and all questions are spoken so students who cannot read can still use this application. It is free but to access all lollie bags you will need to purchase additional bags (but the process is the same for all they just use different types of lollies!)

Park Math (free to trial or $1.99)
Park Math is a numeracy app with great graphics  and simple counting games for Preps who need further support with numerals 0-10 or Pre-schoolers preparing for school. I use this app with my support and EAL group because there is consistent reinforcement both aurally and visually. I encourage the kids to count along with the voice to make it more interactive and further reinforce their counting skills. I use this app in several ways.
-On iPods for a small support group working together during numeracy rotations.
-On an ipad to model working with a small group.
-Using an adapter to connect the iPad to the Interactive whiteboard to model or share as a class counting/adding activity.
Maths Man
Maths man has very simple graphics and is used for ‘skill and drill’ and reinforcing/practicing skills learnt in prior lessons. Unlike a lot of the other numeracy applications, this doesn’t allow the student or teacher to change any of the parameters in the game. As a result, it really only challenges students who need to work on addition using numerals 0-10 but is fun and free.
Cloud Math
Unlike Math Man, Cloud math enables you to change the settings of the game. At the beginning of the year I set the parameters of the game, but I now allow the children to change it to challenge themselves. There are multiple benefits to this game and I have listed them below:
  • You can select the operation (+-/x)
  • You can set the range of numbers.
  • You can choose the number of possible solutions.
  • You can select how many questions each child has to answer.
  • You can turn off the ‘fail’ safe to ensure students are taking the time to select the correct answer, not just clicking all the answers until they find the correct number. This puts an emphasis on accuracy over speed.
Caboose- Shapes, sorting and patterns
Caboose make a couple of different apps and I have found the kids respond well to the graphics and format of the activities. This app in particular looks at shapes and patterns and in the past I have used it as a rotation group when looking at simple 2D shapes or when studying patterns. This app is very suited to a Prep or Pre-prep audience. Caboose apps often have a free trial version that you can expand by purchasing later on ($1.99).
Sea Math (free)
This is another fun app to help kids practice answering addition and subtraction problems. Kids drag the shell with the correct answer onto the problem to reveal a part of the puzzle.
  • Advanced mode (addition sums with numerals up to 30 in level 1)
  • Timer setting to beat the clock.
  • Nice graphics (Preps seem to love the pictures-especially girls)
  • Unable to change the difficulty/skill level/ type of problem manually
  • Whilst it is revealing a puzzle there is no real logic skill involved.

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