Apps to Support students with ASD


This app is one of the more expensive that I have purchased but it is well worth the money (about $10). There are 3 main areas within the app that are useful.

-Schedule Board

-Waiting Board

-Feelings Board

Social Skills Builder (free trial)


  • Teach students with ASD how to read social situations and through the use of  video footage and roll play provide students a safe opportunity to practice their social skills and interpretation of common social situations.


  • The accent is very strong and some students may have difficulty understanding what is being said in the voice over.
  • Some of the suggested solutions to the video problems are rather subjective.


What’s the expression? 

Provides simple pictures for students to practice identifying different emotions, feelings and expressions. Pretty creepy and not the best but if you’re desperate it could be used for younger children or students with difficulty reading emotions. This would also be improved by using photos of real children, ‘Ningzy’ is a bit hard to read!

I-Sequences (Also good for literacy)

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