Apps for Creativitiy


Eden is a ‘Build your Own World’ type game. It is  very similar to Minecraft but a little more accessible for younger audiences. In Eden students can create or build upon worlds using a variety of different 3D building blocks. They are able to make building, dig into the ground and create rivers and lakes. Eden has an iTunes rating of 9+ for Infrequent/ Mild Cartoon or fantasy violence. If you want to remove this aspect and keep the focus on the ‘building’ side, rather than chasing shapes of the land, simply go to setting and turn ‘creatures’ off.

Book Creator


Book Creator is a great open ended app because it is no assessing anything. Students can create stories and share with soundscapes, include videos, voiceover and images from the camera roll. Books can be uploaded to your class blog as a PDF and shared with parents at home. The other benefit of using an app like Book Creator is it enables you to break the process of writing down into small manageable steps. The voice record function also allows student to make stories even if they are unable to form words yet (preliterate).


So often students have so many things to consider when writing, the big picture, appropriate use of capitals, sounding out words, what have they written already. With Book Creator, students can record what is happening in their story and go back and try writing the words later. Teacher can also use Book Creator to make activities for their students.


I have also used Book Creator myself as an adult to document my holidays by making a ‘Holiday Album’. This can be a great thing to do with your child while away on holiday.

Also try documenting experience such as cooking a recipe. Students can write a shopping list, record photos and videos at the supermarket, write the recipe down as a procedural text, record evidence of their progress or even record and add the video of their cooking show. (Tip: Just wrap your iPad in plastic wrap first!)

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